Monday, March 7, 2011

Gas Prices

Unless you happen to own a horse or are in biking distance of work, you most likely own a car and have to deal with gas prices. Gas prices are currently at around $3.25 and are most likely going to hit $4. This is a problem for those of you that actually like to have any money to spend and who isn't a millionaire (okay, that's a little exaggeration, but still). So, how to save money on gas? There are a few options. 1. Steal gas. Not only incredibly difficult (you have to pay before you can pump gas at most places), but is illegal in the US and pretty much everywhere else in the world. So, you will most likely wind up in jail. 2. Do what you usually do, and go to the cheaper gas station whenever you can. A decent option, much better than the first, but not the best. My suggestion: When you see a low gas price, buy it in bulk. This means not only filling up your car, but bringing along a few plastic containers to put gas in. This is, unfortunately, the best I could come with. Why unfortunately, because of the many drawbacks. Drawback 1. Leaking gas containers. Leaking gas outside at the station is bad, so it can't be any better in your garage. 2. I'm not exactly sure how you would get it into the plastic containers in the first place, since the pumps are meant for cars. Those are some inconveniences, but if you get around them, then you can save some serious money, plus if you buy enough, you may be able to sell some gas to your friends for a quick buck. I will try to think of a better suggestion for tomorrow, until then au revoir (goodbye in french).

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